U.N. Chief Seeks Equity in Paris Climate Change Pact

July 02, 2015
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned that any proposed agreement at an upcoming international conference in Paris in December must uphold the principle of equity.

USAID Backs How-to Course to Help Asia Cope with Climate Change

June 30, 2015
The U.S. government is setting up a course to train officials in the Asia-Pacific region in the basics of preparing and financing projects to help communities weather climate change.

Kennington Park Road floods after water main bursts

June 29, 2015
Kennington Park Road, in Oval, is closed between Kennington Oval and Kennington Station after a water main burst. Thames Water apologised for inconvenience caused and said engineers had stopped the water flow and the flood was subsiding.

Dry Season Inflicts Hotspots in Riau, S. Sumatra and Drought in NTT

June 28, 2015
The dry season has been blamed for a further increase in the number of hotspots — which can trigger forest and land fires — in Riau and South Sumatra and for drought in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

SWA adopts its new strategy: country processes and effective behaviours at the heart of it!

June 25, 2015
The Sanitation and Water for All Steering Committee gathered in Geneva on 17 and 18 June to take important decisions on the future direction of the partnership. A new partnership strategy was adopted which is geared towards guiding the actions of the partners in pursuit of a shared vision of universal access to water and sanitation and hygiene with a five-year horizon.

Joint Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Principles

June 25, 2015
Four leading international WASH organisations IRC, WaterAid, Aguaconsult, and Water for People join hands in the run-up to the new Sustainable Development Goals.

Multiple dams are an ominous threat to life on the Mekong River

June 24, 2015
A total of 11 dams are planned along the Mekong, storing up trouble for millions of people, the world’s largest inland fishery and critically endangered species.

Can Sun and Wind Make More Salt Water Drinkable?

June 22, 2015
Here are four arid regions looking to renewables for the energy-intensive work of squeezing drinkable water from the ocean.

North Korea says it faces worst drought in a century

June 18, 2015
North Korea says it is facing its worst drought in a century, sparking fears of worsening food shortages. State news agency KCNA said main rice-growing provinces had been badly affected and more than 30% of rice paddies were "parching up".

‘The water table is dropping all over the world’: NASA warns we’re on the path to global drought

June 18, 2015
Drought-stricken California is not the only place draining underground aquifers in the hunt for fresh water. It’s happening across the world, according to two new studies by U.S. researchers released Tuesday.
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Held in Da Nang, Vietnam May 5-7, 2018. It aims to provide a forum for researchrs, practitioners, and professionals from both the industry and the academia to share their newest research findings and results. Submission Deadline: December 15, 2017

ICOCE--EI Compendex, Scopus 2018 : 2018 2nd International Conference on Civil Engineering (ICOCE 2018)

Applications are invited for the International Capacity Building Workshop on Green Growth from 19th – 23rd July 2017 as a follow up to the International Workshop on Climate Change organized in May 2015.

The International Capacity Building Workshop on Green Growth

The Asia Pacific Youth Parliament for Water (APYPW) is a gathering of youth delegates representing different countries within the Asia Pacific region. The APYPW is to bring a diversity of young voices together toward global water issues and in the process encouraging them to deeply ponder and invest

The 6th Asia Pacific Youth Parliament for Water 2017 in Korea

Green Idea Contest for World Day to Combat Desertification 2017 which is a part of National Desert Campaign of Iran. This is a green student-run project devoted to the global earth challenges such as desertification, climate change, land degradation, deforestation, biodiversity loss, water scarcity

Green Idea Contest for World Day to Combat Desertification 2017

The Smart Energy Challenge 2017 dares you to think of alternatives for how to influence others to live more sustainably by reducing energy use. In particular, this competition focuses on sustainable energy that tackles 3 of the 17 United Nations goals. By implementing new technologies, organizing ac

Smart Energy Challenge 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden

The Asia-Pacific Youth Exchange (APYE) is a program that responds to the global necessity of meaningfully including young people in SDG activities. By simulating policy formulation and project execution centered on SDGs, youth delegates have a unique opportunity to learn and hone the skills necessar

Asia Pacific Youth Exchange 2017 in Manila, Philippines

June 06, 2016

How We Set Up a Network of Partners to Achieve Greater Influence

June 06, 2016

Five Critical Factors for Working Well in Partnerships

June 06, 2016

Introducing the SWIFT Tool for Environmental Assessment and Risk Screening for Rural Water Supply

June 06, 2016

Introduction: Gender and Resilience

June 06, 2016

Impact Measurement and Accountability in Emergencies: The good enough guide