What We Do

With the support from donor, CKNet-INA has established and developed it capacity and credential in Indonesia and in the regional of South East Asia. Aim to support the government of Indonesia to implement the decentralization process and to meet the new challenge and responsibility attached, CKNet-INA member has already improved our professional member capacity to meet the expectation of national water stakeholder.

Instead of combating symptoms, CKNet-INA seeks and offers partnership and collaboration with clients, partners and donors to work together towards better water resource management.

With the complex water issues, CKNet-INA truly believe that networking can be an effective media for all water stakeholder to share knowledge, decrease the bureaucracy and lead to a better way of communication and coordination in delivering better solutions under sustainable development principle.

CKNet-INA believes that human development and capacity building is the keywords to support national water sector in accomplishing their goals. Thus, CKNet-INA provides products and service of capacity building improvement to our clients at nation wide.

Network Exposure and Outreach

In an effort to support CKNet-INA vision and mission, CKNet-INA has improved its credibility and received acknowledgement from government, international organization and other national and international water professionals. Regarding these matters, CKNet-INA has conducted and was involved in many extra activities, such as participation in various partnerships in order to build experiences, strength, and public awareness of CKNet-INA, through more exposure and expanding network activities.

By establishing various strategic partnerships and participating in many activities, CKNet-INA is increasingly better known by the most important stakeholders and peers. More members and non-members are interested to join CKNet-INA formal and informal activities, such as CKNet-INA workshops and CKNet-INA mailing list.

The outreach programs of CKNet-INA are among others:

Indonesian Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation (AMPL) Network
AMPL is a national network concerns with drinking water and sanitation. It members among others are Government Institutions (Bappenas), Universities (Trisakti, ITS), Regional Water Enterprises (PDAM Bogor, Bekasi, Tangerang), NGOs (Care Indonesia, Mercy Corps). Apart from being a member of AMPL, CKNet-INA was also one of the founding members of the network. CKNet-INA has been involved in AMPL Network since the establishment phase, where CKNet-INA shared its knowledge and experience in network development and management to others.

Environmental Services Programs (ESP)
ESP is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The Environmental Services Program (ESP) is a five-year program which was developed by USAID/Indonesia. This initiative supports activities in the following three key areas: access to clean water and sanitation services, improved watershed management, and increasing the productivity of water. CKNet-INA has provided support to ESP in its program to enhance local capacities in urban drainage programming and planning. This activity was implemented in 3 cities of East Indonesia Region: Manado, Ambon, and Jayapura.

PISP (Participatory Irrigation Sector Project)
This program is funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB). PSIP aims to develop and disseminate knowledge on Agriculture & Natural Resources/Irrigation & Drainage to Water Users Associations in the field. The Project is implemented in 25 districts in the provinces of Lampung, Banten, West Java, Central Java, East Java, and South Sulawesi. Selected CKNet-INA members participated in the PISP training of Trainers program to prepare them for their role in capacity building activities in the regions.

CRBOM (Center of River Basin Organization and Management)
Indonesia has been selected as one of the knowledge hub in the Asia Pacific Water Forum which is in the field of River Basin Organization and Management. CKNet-INA was acknowledged as one of the main assets of the Government of Indonesia in water resources and river basin management. The above statement was expressed by the former Director General of Water Resources in the APWF Meeting in Singapore in 2008 and later on during the launch of CRBOM in Solo in 2009. Future capacity building activities is expected to be jointly organized between CKNet-INA, PJT1 and PJT2 for the Region.

Cap-Net (Capacity Building Network)
Cap-Net is a network funded by United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Cap-Net and CKNet-INA have several similar aims to establish sustainable capacity building programs in IWRM. Support from Cap-Net for selected CKNet-INA activities has started from 2006 by co-funding workshop material, providing fellowships for CKNet members, making available training and learning material, provide financial support for joint module development.

AguaJaring is the South East Asia Capacity Building Network in IWRM. It also received support from CapNet. AguaJaring and CKNet-INA has tied up a partnership. CKNet-INA has been trusted by AguaJaring to share knowledge with the other networks in the region and has provided training for participants from the South East Asia networks. A number of training programs were jointly organized by CKNet-INA and AguaJaring.

WMO (World Meteorological Organizations)
The World Meteorological Organization, through its Associated Programme on Flood Management (APFM), has supported the Training of Trainers (ToT) program and module development on "Integrated Flood Management for Sustainable Development".

WMO provided two experts from Geneva to coach and facilitate the ToT on IFM in 2009. Also with support from the World Bank, IFM modules are being developed and will be available for use by other countries in 2010.

The 2016 International conference on Water Resource and Environment (WRE2016) will be held in Shanghai, China from July 23 to July 26, 2016. Based on the Summary and Discussion in WRE2015, the WRE2016 will mainly focus on the Sustainability Development of Environment and Water Resource. Paper Submis

2016 International Conference on Water Resource and Environment (WRE2016)

The ICSWRM 2016: 18th International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Sustainable Water Resources Management. It

ICSWRM 2016 : 18th International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management

The Turkish Chapter of IGS joyfully announce that the 6th European Geosynthetics Congress will be held on September 25-28, 2016,

6th European Geosynthetics Congress / 25-28 September 2016

The Understanding Risk & Finance Conference, to be held from Nov. 17-19, 2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, aims to advance the risk assessment and risk financing agenda in Africa.

The Understanding Risk & Finance Conference, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,

The 6th International Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction Management 2015 will be held at Earl's Regency Hotel, Kandy, Sri Lanka, as the next in line of a highly successful series of conferences held since December 2010. The Conference will run over three days and features pres

6th International Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction Management 2015 (11 - 14 Dec 2015)

FLOODrisk 2016 will explore research advances in flood risk analysis and innovations in flood risk management practice. The conference will consider all aspects of flood risk and will cover the causes of floods, their impacts on people, property and the environment, and portfolios of risk management

3rd European Conference on Flood Risk Management (18 - 20 Oct 2016)

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